Who am I?

Hello! I’m a data person, enthusiastic about data, with a Master of Science in Data Science and Business Analytics. Welcome to my website where you can have a look at the projects that I work on and hope to connect with fellow data lovers, recruiters, and innovative companies through my thoughts. and some curiosities in my blog.

Since my first approach working with data in 2020, I developed a flexible skill set with an eye for details and an end-to-end comprehensive approach, including everything from data cleaning to complex statistical analysis and from machine learning model development to developing engaging data visualizations and dashboards.
I really like transforming raw data into useful insight that tells a story, always experimenting new methods and techniques.

Here are some of the tools and languages that I mastered, which I believe could add value to any project or team:
– Excel and Google spreadsheet applications, including use of complex formulas, pivot tables, and power queries.
– Crafting precise queries in SQL and managing data seamlessly with SSIS.
– Python: with libraries like Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow, and BeautifulSoup.
– Visualizing data with Power BI and Tableau, always trying new things and especially passionate about UI design.
– Efficiently mapping out processes using Microsoft Visio or Miro.

If my journey resonates with you or if you’re curious about the potential of data science in your own work, I’d love to hear from you. Let’s connect and explore the possibilities together. For collaborations, inquiries, or just to share a thought, my contact information are available here.

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My Skills

Data Analysis

Data Preprocessing with Python: Utilizing libraries like Pandas and NumPy for cleansing, transforming, and structuring raw data for effective analysis.

Database Management with SQL: Manipulating tables and querying data, ensuring optimal data retrieval for in-depth investigations.

Model Development

Machine and Deep Learning with Python: Leveraging libraries like scikit-learn to build and tune predictive models, forecasting trends and understanding data patterns.

Statistical Testing: Applying A/B testing, correlation analysis, and predictive forecasting tests to validate data patterns and insights.

Visualization & Reporting

Dynamic Dashboards: Designing interactive and intuitive dashboards using Excel pivot tables and slicers, or advanced tools like Python, PowerBI and Tableau for in-depth visual insights.

Data Storytelling: Artfully crafting narratives around data, ensuring insights are presented in an engaging and understandable format.

Process Improvement

Process Mapping: Creating clear and detailed process maps using Microsoft Visio to identify bottlenecks and optimize workflows.

Macro & Automation: Hands-on experience in automating tasks and processes using VBA and Desktop Macro recorders to save time and boost efficiency.


Collaborative Approach: Bridging the gap between data experts and business stakeholders using Python, SQL, Excel, and visualization tools.

Clear Interpretation of Complex Data: Translating complex statistical findings into clear insights, aiding informed decision-making.

Data Mining

Web Scraping: Extracting valuable information from websites using Python’s Beautiful Soup for data analysis and insights.

Octoparse for Data Extraction: Utilizing Octoparse to scrape complex websites, capturing data quickly and effectively.

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