Tag Machine Learning

Warsaw Weather Analysis

In this weather data analysis project, I analysed daily meteorological data from Warsaw, Poland from 1993 to 2022. I used Python for initial data preprocessing, Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), statistical analysis and I created a Machine Learning model to see…

Vending Machines

This project presents an exploratory data analysis (EDA) and an interactive dashboard idea centered around a unique dataset from five different vending machines scattered between four various strategic locations in Central New Jersey, USA. The dataset originates from vending machines…

Diabetes Predictor

In this project with healthcare data, I will explore deeply into the health of Pima Indian women. Using Python, I first cleaned and explored the data. After, I used statistical methods and data visualization techniques to reveal hidden patterns, correlations, and insights within the data. This analysis cleared the path for predictive modeling. So, with machine learning, I took on the role of a predictor, trying to forecast possible diabetes diagnoses.