Create a dataset with AI for your project. Simple tutorial [2024]

In this article I will show you how to create a personalized dataset for your personal project or case study.
It will have as many columns and entries as you need! The main tool used for this creation is the free version of ChatGPT.

In another article I showed you how to find a dataset on the internet, giving you a lot of dataset platform to choose from, but here we are taking it to another level, creating a full personalized dataset with the number of entries that we need.

I will show you what is the best prompt, how to export the dataset and some examples to showcase the potential of this tactic, so that you can create the dataset for your project without wasting any time searching for the right one.


Best Prompt

The prompt that I noticed working better is the following:

“Create a dataset in .csv with X different variables and populate it with X rows”. +
“About TOPIC X” +
“: Variables: Var1 – Var2 – Var3 – Var4 – Var5 – VarX”

I suggest you to start with a small number of entries (50) and after ask for more.
You can see down below some examples of datasets created with this prompt.

Example #1: Zoo Animals

Go to and start a new chat.

The prompt that I used for this case is the following: “Create a dataset in .csv with 5 different variables and populate it with 50 rows. About animals in a zoo: Variables: ID – Personal Name – Species of the animal – Weight – Date of introduction”

The result provided for this example is the following:

At this point we can copy the output given by ChatGPT, clicking on the button “Copy code” and paste it in an empty Excel file.

Now we can select the column A, go to Data and select “Text to Columns” to split the text file in a better-organised excel spreadsheet.

We choose “Delimited” and “Comma” as delimiter, now we can click the “Finish” button.

Now the data is split perfectly around the cells and is possible to start working on it and creating a Zoo/Animal project.

Example #2: E-Commerce

As you can see it in this example you can also include examples between parenthesis to give ChatGPT a better understanding of the type of data that you want.

Create a dataset in .csv with 5 different variables and populate it with 80 rows.
About transactions in an e-commerce of clothes:
Variables: ID – Article (example Oversized pants alpha) – Category (example trousers) – SubCategory (example Cargo Trousers) – Color (example brown) – Price per unit – Total Sales

ID,Article,Category,SubCategory,Color,Price per unit,Total Sales
1,Oversized Pants Alpha,Trousers,Cargo Trousers,Brown,35,2450
2,Striped Shirt Bravo,Tops,T-shirts,White,25,1500
3,Denim Jacket Charlie,Outerwear,Jackets,Blue,50,4000
4,Floral Dress Delta,Dresses,Maxi Dresses,Red,45,3150
5,Slim Fit Jeans Echo,Trousers,Jeans,Black,40,3200
6,Knit Sweater Foxtrot,Tops,Sweaters,Grey,30,2700
7,Plaid Skirt Golf,Skirts,Mini Skirts,Green,35,2450
8,Button-up Shirt Hotel,Tops,Shirts,Blue,30,1800
9,Leather Jacket India,Outerwear,Jackets,Black,60,4800
10,Printed Blouse Juliet,Tops,Blouses,Pink,25,2000
11,Chino Shorts Kilo,Shorts,Casual Shorts,Khaki,20,1600
12,V-neck T-shirt Lima,Tops,T-shirts,Black,20,1200
13,Denim Skirt Mike,Skirts,Mini Skirts,Blue,35,2450
14,Strapless Dress November,Dresses,Cocktail Dresses,Black,55,3850
15,Hooded Sweatshirt Oscar,Tops,Hoodies,Blue,40,2400
16,Cotton Leggings Papa,Trousers,Leggings,Black,25,2000
17,Striped Sweater Quebec,Tops,Sweaters,Red,30,2400
18,Printed Scarf Romeo,Accessories,Scarves,Blue,15,1200
19,Cropped Hoodie Sierra,Tops,Hoodies,Grey,35,2450
20,Suede Skirt Tango,Skirts,Mini Skirts,Brown,45,3150
21,Flannel Shirt Uniform,Tops,Shirts,Red,35,2100
22,High-waisted Shorts Victor,Shorts,Casual Shorts,Black,30,2400
23,Wrap Dress Whiskey,Dresses,Maxi Dresses,Green,50,3500
24,Corduroy Jacket X-ray,Outerwear,Jackets,Brown,55,4400
25,Ruffled Blouse Yankee,Tops,Blouses,White,25,1500
26,Skinny Jeans Zulu,Trousers,Jeans,Blue,45,3150
27,Silk Camisole Alpha,Tops,Tank Tops,Black,20,1200
28,Plaid Pants Bravo,Trousers,Plaid Pants,Red,40,3200
29,Linen Shirt Charlie,Tops,Shirts,White,30,2400
30,Maxi Skirt Delta,Skirts,Maxi Skirts,Blue,50,4000
31,Printed T-shirt Echo,Tops,T-shirts,White,20,1200
32,Knit Cardigan Foxtrot,Tops,Cardigans,Blue,40,3200
33,Denim Shorts Golf,Shorts,Denim Shorts,Blue,25,2000
34,Polka Dot Dress Hotel,Dresses,Maxi Dresses,Black,55,3850
35,Bomber Jacket India,Outerwear,Jackets,Green,60,4800
36,Embroidered Blouse Juliet,Tops,Blouses,Blue,30,2400
37,High-waisted Pants Kilo,Trousers,High-waisted Pants,Black,35,2800
38,Striped Maxi Skirt Lima,Skirts,Maxi Skirts,Black,45,3150
39,Off-shoulder Top Mike,Tops,T-shirts,White,25,2000
40,Cropped Jeans November,Trousers,Jeans,Blue,40,3200
41,Hooded Vest Oscar,Outerwear,Vests,Black,35,2450
42,Floral Maxi Dress Papa,Dresses,Maxi Dresses,Floral,50,3500
43,Leather Pants Quebec,Trousers,Leather Pants,Black,60,4800
44,Wrap Skirt Romeo,Skirts,Wrap Skirts,Blue,35,2450
45,Striped Button-up Sierra,Tops,Shirts,Blue,30,2100
46,Cargo Pants Tango,Trousers,Cargo Pants,Green,40,3200
47,Chiffon Blouse Uniform,Tops,Blouses,White,25,1500
48,Suede Jacket Victor,Outerwear,Jackets,Brown,55,4400
49,Printed Leggings Whiskey,Trousers,Leggings,Printed,25,2000
50,Plaid Shirt X-ray,Tops,Shirts,Red,35,2450
51,Denim Skirt Yankee,Skirts,Mini Skirts,Blue,35,2450
52,V-neck Sweater Zulu,Tops,Sweaters,Black,40,3200
53,Knit Dress Alpha,Dresses,Knit Dresses,Blue,45,3150
54,Floral Blouse Bravo,Tops,Blouses,Floral,30,2400
55,Printed Tunic Charlie,Tops,Tunics,White,25,1500
56,High-rise Jeans Delta,Trousers,Jeans,Blue,45,3600
57,Knit Cardigan Echo,Tops,Cardigans,Green,40,3200
58,Polka Dot Skirt Foxtrot,Skirts,Mini Skirts,Black,35,2450
59,Off-shoulder Dress Golf,Dresses,Casual Dresses,Black,50,4000
60,Linen Pants Hotel,Trousers,Linen Pants,White,35,2800
61,Striped Sweater India,Tops,Sweaters,Blue,40,2400
62,Embroidered Skirt Juliet,Skirts,Mini Skirts,Embroidered,45,3150
63,Silk Blouse Kilo,Tops,Blouses,Black,30,2400
64,Cotton Shorts Lima,Shorts,Casual Shorts,Blue,20,1600
65,Maxi Dress Mike,Dresses,Maxi Dresses,Black,55,3850
66,Printed Cardigan November,Tops,Cardigans,Printed,40,3200
67,Bomber Jacket Oscar,Outerwear,Jackets,Black,60,4800
68,Floral Midi Skirt Papa,Skirts,Midi Skirts,Floral,45,3150
69,Knit Sweater Quebec,Tops,Sweaters,Blue,30,2400
70,Button-up Shirt Romeo,Tops,Shirts,White,30,2100
71,Leather Skirt Sierra,Skirts,Leather Skirts,Black,55,3850
72,Cargo Shorts Tango,Shorts,Cargo Shorts,Khaki,25,2000
73,Striped Blouse Uniform,Tops,Blouses,Striped,35,2100
74,Denim Jacket Victor,Outerwear,Jackets,Blue,50,4000
75,Ruffled Dress Whiskey,Dresses,Casual Dresses,Red,45,3150
76,Wrap Sweater X-ray,Tops,Sweaters,Grey,40,2800
77,Silk Scarf Yankee,Accessories,Scarves,Blue,20,1600
78,Plaid Shirt Zulu,Tops,Shirts,Red,35,2450
79,Printed Maxi Dress Alpha,Dresses,Maxi Dresses,Printed,50,3500
80,V-neck Sweater Bravo,Tops,Sweaters,Blue,40,3200

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